Do they really want our money?

Keir Finlow-Bates
3 min readAug 4, 2022


Last month I hauled Microsoft over the coals for their appalling user account system. Today it is the turn of Sony.

Here’s a simple task — buy a €4.95 mod for a game on the #Playstation that your son really wants for his birthday.

First — 🎧 sony .com or 🎮 playstation .com? Let’s try the former. A helpful message says, “Log on with one of your accounts”. There you already have the first problem: I have three.

Why do I have three accounts? Because these corporations set things up so you end up with lots of accounts. More “users” for their marketing statistics I suppose.

I pick the wrong one at first (it’s for my oldest son), go through the whole login procedure, and then pick the right one.

The login procedure involves:

🦉 picking an owl out of a panel of cartoon animals
🔑 entering my password
📲 entering a code texted to my phone

Then I’m on a website that has a “login” button. I click it, and it turns out I am logged in, it’s just that the site hasn’t dynamically updated.

Now for payment.

To add funds I need to click on my 👤 profile icon, and select “Payment Management”. I know this, because I had to Google it the first three times I used the site.

Wallet balance — too low. A debit card number and a credit card number 💳. I click on one of those.

Wrong choice. That’s for deleting or updating the card details. I need the unobtrusive white button on a white background in the middle of a column of ten web components, the rest of which are colorful. They really don’t want me to spend money.

Now I get an almost identical panel, but this time I do need to click on a credit card. I do so, and it’s off to a “Verified by Visa” pane.

For which I need my phone and the verification app. And my PIN. What was it for my online purchases card? Time to check on Lastpass.

There we go, PIN entered.

Oh — the image you see below turns up after a three minute wait. I try it again, and it’s the same outcome. And my balance isn’t increased. Not for now, anyway. Who knows — perhaps tomorrow I’ll have an extra €10 there.

This worked before, so I wonder what went wrong. I guess I have to leave my office and go to the PS4 console.

There it turns out I can directly purchase the mod pack, because at some point I added my credit card details. Gotta remember that — they’ll need deleting later on.

Entering a password (which I look up on Lastpass) is a pain with a 🎮 Dualshock controller, but I manage it.

Then it’s off to my bank verification system. I need my bank user ID. It’s handily stored in Lastpass. I enter that with the Dualshock.

Back to my phone, where the authenticator app is asking for my PIN. I tap the screen five times, entering it.

It’s approved! The boy has his mod pack!

⏳ And I have lost 30 minutes of my life, and entered three passwords, five pin codes, two texted codes, and completed two CAPTCHAs.

Yet people say that #crypto and #blockchain are complicated…

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