The Orthoverse Goes Heraldic

Playing kings and queens

And so, tokens now support their own heraldry. If you have an Orthoverse token that you have leveled up, go to the site and you’ll see your crest displayed. Or you can visit OpenSea, if you must. View your token, hit refresh metadata (the curly-arrow button) … and reload the page. Because “poll for refresh” is beyond the technical capabilities of that $4 billion dollar company.

  • Levels 1 through 3: the upper classes, consisting of steward, squire, and knight. You are randomly assigned assigned a shield consisting of geometric divisions and you keep it until you go past level 3.
  • Levels 4 through 7: the nobility, consisting of baron/baroness, earl/countess, duke/duchess, and king or queen. When you level up your token from 3 to 4, the shield will change to one that has an animal on it.
  • From earl onward a crown is also added to the shield, getting bigger and fancier as you rise through the ranks.

The mechanics of heraldry

The first rule of heraldry is: you do not talk about heraldry to your wife. If you are me. In fact, the rule is more general and applies to any technical construct I find on the web on a Saturday afternoon and that I consider to be fascinating.

The mechanics of fomo

Now that I have lost all but the most die-hard fans through a shallow detour into heraldry (I didn’t even get started on the method whereby a blazon: a succinct code-like verbal description of a heraldic shield can be constructed — perhaps that’s something for a later sub-project that can go into the token metadata), I feel that it’s time to pull a Penn and Teller stunt.

  1. On the other hand, engaging the existing community is vital. If people get bored and wander off to the next shiny thing, then the project loses its champions and knights. There are only so many people I can reach through my own network, and there is a tipping point just over there beyond the horizon, where connections of connections are casually mentioning the Orthoverse to people I have no way of even knowing about let alone communicating with. That tipping point is something the project needs to reach before it has true brand awareness.


As a teenager, I used to spend a lot of my school lunch breaks playing Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of friends who were equally fascinated by computers, mathematics, fantasy novels, and discussing our respective inability to ask the members of the opposite sex in our class out on a date (or indeed the same sex in some cases as it turns out: it was the 80s and that was frowned upon in my old homophobic school).


[1] Did I just compare myself to Vizzini back there? He makes the wrong decision and dies! From this we can conclude but one thing: clearly the Orthoverse is doomed!



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