This Is The Biggest NFT Airdrop Ever

TL;DR: every address on the Ethereum mainnet now owns a unique NFT.

Last week I airdropped 150 quindecillion ERC20 tokens — a hundred for every address that can ever exist.

This week, Richard Piacentini and I have given everyone their own NFT. On the Ethereum mainnet. Because we are kind and generous souls.

That’s right! Everyone already has their own Orthoverse NFT!

And each one is unique!

First for some facts:

And now for the discussion part.

But where are all the NFTs?

The first question you will probably ask on going to your NFT trading platform of choice is, “Why can’t I see all gazillion tokens? There are only a few.”

Firstly, that is a good thing. If a trading site tried to load 1.5*10⁴⁸ tokens it would hang.

And secondly, although every address currently has a balance of one ORTH NFT (which can be checked on our site, or on Etherscan if you know what to do), trading sites look for “events” to be “emitted” on the blockchain to tell them that a token exists.

This is the difference between you owning a Lamborghini, and you shouting from the rooftops that you own one.

Because OpenSea and all the other sites only detect your ownership if you make that announcement. Even though you still own the tokens. Make sense?

How cheap did you say?

Now, with our website (which is here, in case you forgot: at ) you can make such an announcement. And the interesting thing is that the cost of doing this is about a quarter the cost of actually minting an NFT. Because we did the minting for you.

Our method makes Orthoverse NFTs affordable to everyone. If you haven’t yet dipped into the world of buying NFTs, it seems to us that our token is an excellent place to start.

Except you’re not buying it, because you already own it, and you can actually already transfer it to another address. That’s why we called it “revealing” rather than owning.

How does it work?

You want a technical explanation? The answer is that exactly the same technique that I used for the ERC20 drop a week ago was used by Richard a day later. I sat down in the evening to code up the same thing and found he’d preempted me. But it has turned out to become the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Until we accidentally break the Internet together, at which point I will blame him.

Back to the explanation — the Orthoverse NFT contract uses the technique I talk about in this video, just applied to an ERC1155 contract instead of an ERC20. If you know a bit about Solidity and Ethereum it’s quite simple, and if you don’t … well, I use some analogies to walk you through the harder parts.

Where to next?

It turns out that Richard and I think in very much the same way. And so, when we noticed that the gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet were going crazy because of the LooksRare airdrop (a feeble one by our standards — only 120 million tokens), we held off for a few days, and added some extra features and bells and whistles. And then some more whistles and some garlic for good measure.

As a result, you can expect more stuff to happen with your ORTH token as time progresses, so make sure to check in regularly. Bookmark the page, click like, smash the subscribe button … oh, hang on, this isn’t a YouTube video.

But as a teaser — there will be token improvement options, and a whole other world of stuff going on.


  • There is now a contract on the Ethereum mainnet that implements an NFT token contract;
  • It ensure that every address has an ORTH NFT to its name;
  • This makes it the biggest NFT airdrop (or the airdrop to the most wallets, or possibly even the craziest NFT airdrop) in the history of Ethereum;
  • And the least expensive.

So what exactly is a metaverse?

In Robert M. Pirsig’s 1974 novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the word “mu” is translated as “no thing”, and Pirsig presents it to mean: “unask the question”.




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