Token Analytics

Save as xls

  • royalties (we charge 2.5%),
  • derivative collections (no way — that’s not the Orthoverse way),
  • merchandise (hang on, we have that, but I’ve priced it so we don’t make a profit), and
  • brand tie-ins (the big brands are not knocking on our door, and if they found out what Richard and I are like, it would probably turn into a knock-a-door-run prank).

Making a mint

Cumulative nimbus

  • what they look like — in our case: heraldry, crowns, space ports and castles,
  • influencing where the end up on the Orthoverse map, and
  • a whole bunch more that we’ll make up as we go along.

Digging deeper


  1. I would like my Twitter feed to contain something other than Goblintown/Doodles mash-ups or Bored <insert animal here> NFTs,
  2. The odds are that anyone who thought that point one was a good idea isn’t going to be able to run far with the concepts presented in this post, but if they do, we’re going to be the OGs, and
  3. The Orthoverse is doomed anyway. We’ve said so from the very beginning.

Blatant call to action



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Keir Finlow-Bates

Keir Finlow-Bates

CEO and co-founder of Chainfrog Oy, a Finnish startup researching and developing advanced blockchain technologies.